$3 Million Kickstarted Wireless Earbuds Debut At CES


CES is a magical time of year for gadget lovers.  Right out of the gate, Engadget has a hands on look at  Bragi’s Dash earbuds.  They’re wireless.  They connect to your phone and each other.  They have an accelerometer, a heart rate monitor, and an oxygen saturation sensor.  It offers a personal trainer mode to provide you with feedback while working out and even an ambient noise mode to let you hear sounds from the outside world (like a friend saying “Cool earbuds!” or a concerned citizen screaming “THERE’S A BUS COMING DOWN THE–oh, hey, cool earbuds!”).

The hands on talks more about the fit than the audio quality but points out there are some former high-level audio wonks working on the product.  This all came from a Kickstarter campaign that sought $250,000 and ended up with more than $3 million, making it the highest funded European Kickstarter campaign yet (after the Kick The French Out Of France project was abruptly cancelled).  Backers should expect their Dash earbuds in February with the product set to launch at retail in April.

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Ryan Garcia

Father of two boys, husband, attorney for Dell (Social Media, Retail, Gaming), Broadway geek, comic book geek, science fiction geek, gadget geek.

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