Sony Announced New $1,200 Walkman. For that price we say “take a walk,” man.


$1,200 can get you a lot these days. It can get you 12 sets of Egyptian cotton sheets. I can get you 500 gallons of premium gas in Texas. It can also get you a sizable down payment on a car. But did you ever think that it would get you a new Sony Walkman? No, Neither did we.

According to Gizmodo:

“Aside from the iconic brand name and same robust file support, the new Walkman NW-ZX2 builds on its recent predecessor with 128GB onboard storage, a microSD slot, and a lovely-looking touchscreen display. It also improves on the original Walkman by connecting to the internet and not being the size of two stacked Cliff Bars.”

So what you’re telling me is that it’s fit for a Star Lord? What say you Star Lord?


HA! That’s what we thought.

Short of this thing being made of gold, saying that it’s all supped up with storage space isn’t enough for me to not call it a glorified smart phone. I mean – isn’t this just a more expensive version of the iPod? Asking people to pay $1200 for an audio player that runs a two-year-old version of Android is pretty insane. What’s next Sony? A new version of the Disc-man that, wait for it, PLAYS DISC GOLF!? – now, that I would buy.

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