Archer Season Six Debuts TONIGHT!

You want ratings? That’s how you get ratings!


At times Season 5 couldn’t rise to the occasion (PHRASING!), but we’re still excited that Archer is back tonight with its Season 6 debut in North America!


The show really looks to get back to its roots so put on your tactical turtleneck and head into the… DANGER ZONE!  Archer and company are putting away the pastel leisure suits of the Archer Vice arc and getting back into the spy business.

This season they are joining the CIA and abandoning ISIS (partly due to the events of last season and partly due to a very horribly jihadist group using that acronym in real life Iraq).  After a hit or miss Season 6, let’s hope this one is non-stop hilarity.

Excited for tonight?  Watch the teaser trailer over at YouTube to get warmed up!

Season Six Trailer

Bonus Question of the Day:

True or False:  Cheryl/Carol is the funniest character on Archer.

She’s so weird…..can you choke me a bit?”


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