Goodbye Money: Star Wars Comics Debut On Comixology

starwarsdebutYou have too much money.  You aren’t stimulating the economy and you really need to change that.  Don’t worry, Comixology is here to help by finally debuting all the awesome Star Wars comic books from the past 38 years.  Update: Check the bottom of the post on how you can buy twice as many comics for the same amount!

Some of the early books are, well, interesting.  They appeared in the post-Star Wars, pre-Empire days and to say the stories are non-canonical would be totally accurate.  My personal favorite is the retelling of The Man of La Mancha when Han Solo pairs with an old man with a lightsaber–he may be a demented Jedi or just a crazy guy.  His name?  Don-Won Kihotay.  Because subtlety died in the 1970s.  Must’ve been all the disco music.

Many of the later works are amazing, especially the Dark Empire series.  But they are all on Comixology, ready for your money and your time.  Enjoy!

Update: Comixology has a promotion for first time customers buying more than $15 in comics.  If that’s you, and these Star Wars books are a great way to start, then you can use the code FB for 50% off your first order.  Now you can buy twice the comics (because saving money hurts baby seals, don’t make me relive the pain by explaining it).

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