Neil deGrasse Tyson Getting His Own Talk Show


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Neil deGrasse Tyson will be hosting a weekly talk show this April that is based on his popular Star Talk podcast.It’s amazing to see this brilliant individual get a show. I mean, it’s Neil deGrasse Tyson, the world’s COOLEST scientist! But now that the talk show is on the loose, does this mean his Cosmos series will get less attention?

Hollywood Reporter went on to say:

“Cosmos allowed us to share the awesome power of the universe with a global audience in ways that we never thought possible. To be able to continue to spread wonder and excitement through Star Talk, which is a true passion project for me, is beyond exciting. And National Geographic Channel is the perfect home as we continue to explore the universe.”

Neil – we don’t care what you do, as long as you keep being awesome and educating the masses with your brain power. In the words of Jesse Pinkman:


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