Stan Lee Buys A New $4.4 Million Dollar House. Tony Stark Says His Is Better.


Looks like ol’ Stan Lee has got himself a new superhero hideout. And we’re checking the mail every day to see if we get invited to his housewarming party. That’s okay Stan Lee – we’ll wait. We are very patient. Check out more images of his amazing new home after the break.

Forbes Reported:

“This luxurious home, which has four bedrooms and seven bathrooms, also features such amenities as a remodeled chef’s kitchen, formal dining room, professional grade movie theater, and expansive floorplan. And seeing as this is Hollywood, naturally Lee’s new crash pad comes complete with a pool in the backyard, as well as a spa and patio”







I think I’ll hold out and have my next birthday party here. I’m sure Mr. Lee won’t mind, seeing how myself and my fellow co-hosts are some of his biggest fans. Never mind the fact that we would look really cool lounging in his pool.

Just saying.


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