The Anatomy of Seeing 145 Movies

Ryan at the beach


I saw 145 movies this year in the pursuit of seeing 145 movies (my goal was not terribly advanced, in retrospect).  Want to know what that looks like for someone who doesn’t get free media passes and lives away from the media capitols?  Read on…

Films By Genres:

Action 27
Documentary 26
Drama 44
SciFi 4
Comedy 36
Animated 8
 Total 145


Where I saw them:

First Run 53
Discount 18
iTunes 67
Netflix 7
 Total 145


If you figure the following costs:

  • A first run costs, on average, $9 in Austin
  • The Discount fare is $2.
  • An Average iTunes rental is $5.

That means that using the above data, my estimated total cost for seeing these movies (not counting my kids’ tickets, popcorn, or alcohol) was $761.50.  Oh yeah!  That’s the kind of quant skills you develop when you spend $80,000 on my Rice MBA.  Education!

As I wrap this series up, it occurs to me.  I saw 145 movies, and not one of them was with a date.  I am a true geek!

3 thoughts on “The Anatomy of Seeing 145 Movies”

      1. That would be true for most people. But it’s the right kind of date for you….a place where your poor date doesn’t have to hear you blab on-and-on about god knows what. Zing! (I’m kidding, of course).


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