The Most Earthlike Planets Ever…except for….well…Earth!

A Gabbing Geek post where one of the Geeks pretends to be smart…

Remember when scientists thought there was indirect proof that there might be some planets outside our solar system?  Well thanks to sciencey scientists, we now know of over 1000 exoplanets.  We even found two that were so Earthlike that the Interview is playing on VOD there.

Per i09

The two new planets, which may be terrestrial, both orbit red dwarf stars that are smaller and cooler than our Sun. They’re both in the so-called Goldilocks Zone, which means they receive enough sunlight such that liquid water can remain stable on the surface — an important prerequisite for life.

It is amazing the advances that have occurred  in celestial exploration!  If only we could get there without the assistance of Matthew McConaughey.  And so I wrap this post up with a sense of pride that I went a whole astronomy discussion without making a joke about Uranus.  Oh, I can’t help myself.


Source:  i09

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