How The Simpsons Got Their Early Celebrity Voice Cameos

The triple crown of true A-List celebrity status has long been being the basis of a clue in the NY Times crossword, being the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question, and doing a voice performance on the Simpsons.  But apparently the Simpsons had to work hard to earn their spot in the group.


As hard as it is  to imagine the Simpsons having to convince people to do a voice cameo after being on the air long enough to rent a car, in the early years the plots were negotiated before celebs would even appear!

Today there seems to be too many guests.  How many actors, athletes, or singers has Bart or Homer NOT met?  But before they were a pop culture institution, they sometimes had to change the script for Johnny Carson or include Bette Midler’s anti-litter campaign in the story to sweeten the pot!

This would be Homer’s response today if someone told the writers what they could and couldn’t say…


Sure, Michael Jackson and Dustin Hoffman had appeared previously, but they didn’t play themselves and were uncredited.  So I leave you with a link to a great article over at CBR and a picture of Ralph Wiggum picking his nose.  Because every Friday should include a picture of Ralph picking his nose.

Me fail English? That’s unpossible!


Check out the full article at Comicbook Resources!  

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