Marvel & ESPN To Create Comic-Themed Sports Documentaries


It was only a matter of time before parent company Disney, who owns both Marvel and ESPN,  would get the two major publications together for a mashup. And oooooooooh what a mashup it will be.

According to 

The first film, 1 of 1—Genesis, is available now. It will explore the links between superheroes and professional athletes, while examining the notion of whether heroes are born or built. The second film series, Origins, will take a closer look at individual professional athletes and will compare them to their Marvel superhero counterpoints. By examining the athletes own secret origins, superpowers, and motivations, the films will show the parallels between them and characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, and more. That series will premiere  later this summer on ESPN’s Sportcenter. The series will include notable athletes such as NFL quarterback Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, NBA players Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony and race-car drive Danica Patrick.”

Ha! Well how do you like that? I’m kind of a sucker for athletic documentaries, and now they are going to make athletic documentaries that compare and combine with Marvel Superheroes? Um – YES PLEASE!  I am a little surprised that some of the notable athletes include newer quarterbacks and older power forwards. And I hate to say it, but I’m not a NASCAR fan, so the fact that Danica Patrick is on the slate, doesn’t impress me at all. Couldn’t we get Hope Solo instead? I mean… think about that for a moment. Disney, Marvel, ESPN….and Star Wars. Solo = Star Wars. Get it? Get it? I’m so funny. But seriously, Hope Solo over Danica, can we make that happen?


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