Meet The Guy Who Hides Zelda Treasures Around Austin, Texas

You thought your city was cool? Oh yeah? Do you have regular citizens creating Zelda Treasure boxes and hiding them around your town? You don’t? I didn’t think so – because that’s what makes Austin AWESOME! Meet the creator of these boxes and see his treasure abound after the break.

I stumbled across this story on, which is such a random story for them, but nonetheless, I’m glad the story shows the spirit of my wonderfully geeky city. I love Austin so much! And now I have a quest – I shall be victorious!!

“The man who is creating the boxes likes to be called “Ez” (pronounced ‘easy’). He lives in Austin and took up drawing and painting as a hobby, using the simple palette of The Wind Waker as a starting point to learn to mix colors and emulate an art style. Eventually that resulted in piles of Zelda-themed art around his house, which he decided to start turning into street art. The pieces have taken the form of everything from perler bead sprite art to treasure chests filled with stained glass to crocheted bomb bags.”

Kotaku continues to report on how the boxes started and why he continues to place them around the city:

The first hidden treasure chest included a note with an email address asking for a picture or thoughts. Only one person replied but, after checking on the box, he found that people took the art inside but replaced it with gift cards, lottery tickets, movie tickets and other assorted treasures of their own. When I asked if he hoped that would continue now that his work has been seen on Reddit, he said that it isn’t up to him what happens to the art


“I’m hoping the honor system kicks in there — that might be the most naive thing I’ve ever said. But I’m hoping the honor system kicks in. I think the people who are looking for this know that there are other people looking for it. You know, just take what you want. It would be really cool if people keep it going forward and take something and leave something. Once it’s out there, it’s out of my hands, and it’s up to the culture of people who are out there to decide how it works.”


How cool is that!? I can’t wait to get downtown and start searching for these boxes. I will definitely keep paying it forward, and will deposit a little geekery of my own for the next passerby. And maybe you can start something like this in your own town? Who’s with me!?


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