Antibiotics To Fight Superbugs

What an age we live in. Scientists are using 3D printers to build limbs. Nanobots are being designed for surgery and now we can kill the superbugs?!?

According to Gabbing Geek Chief Medical Correspondent Sciencey Scienceperson:

Scientists have discovered a potentially powerful antibiotic that can kill some of the most dangerous “superbugs” — serious infections that are resistant to standard medications.  Superbugs, which can’t be killed by antibiotics, are a growing threat to public health, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sickening 2 million Americans a year and killing 23,000. Researchers have warned that the world is at risk of entering a “post-antibiotic” era in which patients could die from formerly treatable infections and even routine surgeries could become dangerous.


The question Gabbing Geek wants to know  is “Will It Kill the herps?” Because we all know it comes down to Herps and ‘Roids.

‘Roids and Herps!

Lance Armstrong no longer contests doping charges


Source:Sciencey Article

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