Inconceivable! Princess Bride Is Now A Game For Your Phone!


Aaaaaaaaaaaas Yoooooooooooou Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish! Yes – what we’ve all been waiting for. Princess Bride the mobile game. So good, you may just fight your enemies to the death – NAY – TO THE PAIN!

It’s here people, it’s finally here – and no one rushed the Miracle Man, so thankfully this is not a rotten miracle. Check out this demo video:

HA! Tiny eels! Insane cliffs! Sword battles! Giants! Oh my – I have to download this. I’m such a sucker. I mean, you can cut me a little slack, this is, after all, my favorite movie of all time. There’s no time to spare, can’t wait to try my luck at this little game and hopefully it will allow me to be mostly dead vs. dead-dead, because I hate the dead-dead kind of games.

It’s already on Apple’s app store for iOS devices with Android versions on the way! Hooray!

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