Vixen: DC TV Spins Off Into Animation


Earlier this week we learned that because the Flash/Green Arrow crossover (which bored the hell out of me, personally) was such a ratings bonanza, it was going to be an annual event and an expanded shared universe was on the way.  Now, in addition to a rumored Atom series (starring former Superman Brandon Routh) and a possible Firestorm spinoff (being developed as a subplot in Flash), we have a cartoon in the shared universe????

Expected to debut in the fall, it’ll be set in the shared universe of live-action hits “The Flash” and “Arrow,” and stream on The CW’s online platform, CW Seed.

The DC Comics character headlining “Vixen” is a bit more obscure than Green Arrow or The Flash. Created by Gerry Conway and Bob Oksner and first introduced in 1981’s “Action Comics” #521, Vixen — also known as Mari Jiwe McCabe — is a character with African roots, who has been a member of multiple Justice League incarnations. Her powers are tied to the magical Tantu Totem, which puts her in a different category than the relatively grounded vigilantism of “Arrow” and the super-science of “The Flash” — which, according to “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim, is kind of the point.

I love seeing a strong, female character getting her own series, but how many shows must I watch simply to keep up with Flash?  I might be dropping Flash if my flirtation with television goes from monogamy to the orgy lifestyle.

In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, “Don’t you know what it means to become an orgy guy? It changes everything. I’d have to dress different. I’d have to act different. I’d have to grow a moustache and get all kinds of robes and lotions and I’d need a new bedspread and new curtains I’d have to get thick carpeting and weirdo lighting. I’d have to get new friends. I’d have to get orgy friends. … Naw, I’m not ready for it.”

I’ve got lotions, Jenny!


Source: CBR

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