#WackyWednesday: Poop Emoji Shirt Now On Sale (Get It While It’s Steaming Hot)


We know you’ve been waiting for this all your life – a POOP emoji shirt. And now, just out of the shoot, a steaming pile of Poop Emoji fabric pinched and cut to your satisfaction. (How many poop jokes can we make in one post?). This is for real people – see more poop pics after the break.

At first glance, the shirt looks like a delightful geometric patter, but it’s not until you rub your nose in it, that you realize that you’re staring at poop. Not just any poop, Emoji poop. And this Emoji poop happens to be on a lightweight cottne shirt. And if you look closely, you’ll see that not every poop is smiling. Because let’s be honest, not every poo is a delightful one.









So why did this shirt drop onto the internet like the stinker it is? Well, the shirt was designed for a crowd-funding campaign on Betabrand, which is like Kickstarter for clothing. This project from Betabrand has already surpassed its goal, and by goal we mean it’s finally above the porcelain line, and by porcelain line we mean toilet, and by toilet we mean….oh, never mind.  With the success of these little poopers, we may find ourselves looking at poop-hats, poop-pants, and even poop-cufflinks. Too far?

If you’d like to support the cause,  you can order your very own pooptastic shirts. Just be thankful they’re not scratch and sniff.

Oh, and just because I had to….you know…poop pic.


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