#ThrowbackThursday! Dweebs, Geeks, & Weirdos


It’s time for our weekly #ThrowbackThursday! And what better to remember than that lovable, huggable, neighborhood friendly board game: Dweebs Geeks & Weirdos. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh, memories!

There I was – just a wee-little one, with the hopes of being a fine young citizen one day. But while I was watching Star Wars, reading the Chronicles of Narnia, and spending my extra moments of life playing this board game – how could I be nothing more than the geek I am today? I was doomed from the start.

But we’re not talking about me, we’re talking about Dweebs Geeks & Weirdos. What’s great about this game is that it was basically the 80’s version of truth or dare. The object of the game was to advance along a linear line from being an absolute zero to totally awesome. And to do that, you either had to act like an idiot, or tell your deepest-darkest secrets. You know – character building exercises.

pic141803_mdWhat’s sad (or maybe this is a good thing) is that apparently all geeks, airheads, weirdos, weenies (HA! You got to call someone a weenie), nitwits, dorks, jerks, dweebs, and dips are all dudes. DUDES! Not a girl in sight. And if anyone says that the “Dork” character is a girl, well then you’re wrong. Looking back, I can’t believe I had any fun playing this game seeing how sexist it is. Never mind the fact that each of the characters are drawn to such an absurd stereotype, that it leaves nothing short of having a lady with 100 cats on the board. But I guess that wouldn’t fit the “All DUDES” motif of this classless game.

HA – but still, I was young and naive, and didn’t really pay attention to the actual board, because it was the cards that made this game what it was:

Do a tap dance! Pretend you’re a pig! Pick up a penny with your toe?….child’s play. I can do that in my sleep. And with so many cards to choose from, the game just became a crazy way to entertain you and your other friends. I’m pretty sure there was always a point where someone made up their own card to see if you would “do” or “say” anything to move forward on the board. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I never read the cards and always made someone do whatever ridiculous thing I could think of at the time. I’m so evil. I think I even went as far to say they couldn’t advance the board, but as a reward or punishment, they had to do something even more ridiculous.

No wonder my husband thinks I cheat at games. He’s right. I guess it started at a young age, when I changed the rules to entertain myself and manipulate my friends. Oh no…. I am Voldemort. Don’t tell anyone.

Nevertheless – this throwback, as dumb as it may seem, still holds good childhood memories for some of us out there, and hopefully you too had a chance to make a fool of yourself with this lame excuse for an 80’s board game.

How about it? Anyone remember this gem?

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