All About That Podcast, About That Podcast, No Treble

podcastDid you know Gabbing Geek has a weekly podcast?  Probably.  But if not then now you know and that’s 49.78% of the battle!  We now have a page all about the podcast here on the website.  Check out the top of the page you’re on, right between Meet the Geeks and Contact Us!

The Podcast page has all the links you’ll need to access the show.  And we’ve even included a handy reference glossary for some of our long-running jokes and segments.

Of course, this is the one week we don’t have a new podcast to share with you all because we’re taking extra time to prepare next week’s extra special episode: Gabbing Geek Presents The Gabbies!  It’ll be the greatest weekly geek-based podcast award show you’ve ever heard!

One of our superfans, Tom Kelly, takes it upon himself to write us an email after every episode.  After the last amazing Episode 21, Mr Kelly wrote not one but TWO emails, and we present them here for your entertainment.  If you want to know what he’s talking about (sometimes we wonder ourselves) then be sure to listen to Episode 21 of the Gabbing Geek podcast!

From: Tom Kelly

Subject: To Think You Did This…

To the geeks,

It is with me deepest regrets that I must inform you all that Watson was both right and wrong this week.

Watson, you see, did not know The Simpsons as well as he thought he did. If he did, and I adjust my geek spectacles as I type this, he would know that “Homer Thompson” was the alias Witness Protection gave to Homer in the “Cape Fear” parody episode. The extra Homer, the one allowed to join the No Homers club since the plural indicates they can have exactly one Homer, was one Homer Glumplet.

So, in the manner of The Simpsons, Watson was wrong.

But, he was sort of right about the prophecy in Star Wars. But only sort of right.

See, I once took the opportunity to listen to the audio commentary for the original trilogy. And as a result, I am convinced that George Lucas is actually a much worse storyteller than I had previously thought. Much of what he wanted to do was missed by the mass Star Wars fan audience, but he wanted to make it clear the entire story was meant to be the story of Anikin Skywalker.

See, Anikin truly did bring balance to the Force, not Luke. The Force was unbalanced due to the fact that the Sith were so much more powerful than the Jedi. Two Sith were overpowering the entire Jedi order. Yoda comments that the Jedi’s powers are waning, and he cannot see the future as well as he used to. The Emperor was able to easily dispatch three Jedi Masters sent to arrest him, and Mace Windu might have prevailed had Anikin not intervened.

Further, Obi-Wan expands on the prophecy, saying the Chosen One would destroy the Sith. Again, Anikin, not Luke, does this. He does it to protect Luke. This was his reason for turning on the Jedi to begin with, to protect Padme. Vader always sides with whatever will protect his family. Look over Empire Strikes Back. Vader convinced the Emperor to spare Luke and attempt to turn him when the Emperor suggests Luke should die. He then proposes to Luke they join forces to bring down the Emperor. Vader could have easily killed Luke in that duel. He chooses not to. He probably could have even prevented Luke from plummeting down that shaft at the end of Empire.

Instead, when Luke is near death, he kills the Emperor. Vader has done what Jedi lore says is impossible: he came back from the Dark Side. By killing the Emperor, and sacrificing himself in the process, he has effectively destroyed the Sith. The Dark Side still exists, but the Sith order in particular is no longer in existence since there is never more than two of them. Vader is the Chosen One. Vader fulfilled the prophecy. He removed the Stone of Shame and attached the Stone of Triumph. Watson was sort of right. Let us never speak of the prequels again.

Give us some sugar baby,
Tom Kelly


From: Tom Kelly

Subject: E-mail Addendum

To the geeks,

For all that you guys insist Watson needs a fact-checker, this is not the case this week. I had skipped your Red Rising review until I had finished the book for myself, but having done so and listened to your discussion of said book, I feel the need to tell a certain Mr. Garcia that he does not know what the word “galactic” means. “Galactic” refers to a galaxy. The novel tells us that humanity is only in the process of terraforming Pluto. The Empire has not yet left the solar system. It is not galactic until it gets to another star. As an English teacher, I cannot let this slide.

Give me some (more) sugar baby,
Tom Kelly

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