The New Twitter Icon: Dick POOP

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who giggled when best cinematographer nominee Dick Pope was accidentally called Dick POOP by Oscar President Cheryl Boone Isaacs (or Cheryl Boof Isaacs as she was later called).  No.  I was NOT alone in my sophomoric endeavors.  Ney.  All of Twitter joined me!

First, let’s check in with the Unofficial Mayor of Twitter, Patton Oswalt:

Mr Poop…err…Pope said he’d been called worse, but when “trending” was explained to him he replied that if that was what Twitter was all about he didn’t regret avoiding such nonsense.

Wow.  Now I feel lowbrow.  Here’s a picture of of George Plimpton to cleanse the palette.  George Plimpton is the most highbrow thing of all-time, ever!


Whew.  Now I am feeling more refined.  Perhaps we should discuss the beat poetry of Allen Ginsberg now.  No…sorry….I can’t resist!  Just ONE more that wraps everything up in a bow.  

Good advice there, people!

Now please join me in watching this video for ten minutes and then burning in Hell….

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