Human Sacrifice, Dogs And Cats Living Together…Mass Hysteria! No, Wait, Disney Has Ignored Lucas Ideas!

“Meesa gonna star in Episode VII and be central character in whole new trilogy? Thank yous Massa Lucas!”

Love Jar Jar?  How about Midi-chlorians?  No?  Young Anakin?  Wooden acting?  Forced (see what I did there?) love stories?  No lens flares?  Well my friend, Star Wars: The Force Awakens might just be the film for you!

Disney and JJ Abrams have apparently ignored all story ideas for Episode 7 that Lucas sold along with the Star Wars rights back in 2012.

Surely the brain child of our most beloved franchise had some ideas that we might have loved. The new trilogy wasn’t that bad. Darth Maul was awesome. And…uh…you know, that thing, with the stars and the wars and…oh, you were going to see Force Awakens anyway, who are we kidding.