Ok. NOW I Will Watch the Interview!


Unlike Ryan and Jenny, I sat out the Interview when it came out in December.  The cowardice of Sony and the big theater chains ticked me off and I’m really still annoyed.  Being out of town for the holidays, I also couldn’t make it Alamo Drafthouse (I would only give Sony my cash if Gabbing Geek Hero, Tim League and the Alamo Drafthouse benefited).  I don’t pirate stuff because that’s theft, so the only way for me to see it was to rent it on PPV.  No thanks, Sony!  That way the terrorists win!  But now, I can watch it Saturday to see what the fuss is all about.


Thank you, Netflix!  When the flick drops on Streaming service, I have an avenue that doesn’t put my cash directly into cowardly coffers.

I post this picture ironically, as I wouldn't allow physical media in my home!
I post this picture ironically, as I wouldn’t allow physical media in my home!

Per Engadget:

In the midst of Netflix’s Q4 financial report (if you’re wondering – it added the expected amount of subscribers this time, unlike Q3) it revealed a few things viewers will actually be interested in. First of all, it’s going to have The Interview available for streaming to US and Canadian subscribers starting Saturday. That puts the Sony Pictures flick on streaming just about a month after its unconventional Christmas Day theater / video on demand launch that netted $40 million online, and ahead of its Blu-ray release February 17th.

The Netflix drop officially ends much of the first run revenue stream now that it is on Netflix.   With that my fellow geeks, our long, geeky nightmare is over.

“I had nothing to do with Sony’s decision, you hippies! AROOOOO!”




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