World War Z Sequel To Start Over. Just Like Zombies…Nothing Is Ever Really Dead


I don’t know about you, but I kinda liked World War Z. No…I didn’t read the book, like many of you may have done, so to me, it was a fun zombie flick. I especially liked the bite-bite-bite noise of the zombie chomping towards people. It’s super creepy. But, to hear that they are making a sequel that is, well, not really a sequel, that concerns me. Why not just call it something else? Why connect it to the first at all?

According to

“Writer Steve Knight tells Thompson on Hollywood that the sequel to World War Z will likely be pretty different from the original film.’It’s not quite like the other,’ he says, ‘we’re starting with clean slate. When they’ve signed off we’re on.’

The sequel will be directed by Juan Antonio Bayona.”

Starting with a  clean slate, eh? Does that mean no Brad Pitt? Does that mean no connection to the original story? Actually, what does this mean at all?

My hope is that “clean slate” means that they are going to pick up where they left off, but tweak the zombie problem.

What do you think they are going to do?

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