Real Suicide Squad Casting or False Flag Operation?


Yesterday, we noted that Maggie’s brother Jake passed on Rick Flag in Suicide Squad.  Today, there are some less A-list actors rumored for the role and one of them is my DREAM choice!

Per ComicBookMovie:

Jon Bernthal andJoel Edgerton are the next names being lined up to star as Rick Flag in Suicide Squad, according to Cinemablend. Bernthal came to our attention as the doomed Shane Walsh on AMC’s The Walking Dead, and also worked with director David Ayer in his WWII drama, Fury. Meanwhile Egerton has starred in a number of great flicks over the years, most recently playing Christian Bale’s nemesis in Exodus: Gods And Kings.

Put me down for Edgerton!  I wanted him in this cast since he was rumored earlier for the roles of Flag, Deadshot, AND Boomerang!  Edgerton played yet to be burnt to a crisp Uncle Owen Lars in the prequels, the lead Delta Force commando in Zero Dark Thirty, and a good copy with a horrible secret in the Aussie indie drama Felony (along with the guy who won the role of Boomerbutt, Jai Courtney).  Sign this man and he will steal every scene Will Smith left him!

Source:  ComicbookMovie

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