Who Needs An Oscar, Let’s See Matthew McConaughey Play A Sorcerer Supreme.

“Doctor Voodoo. I didn’t spend six years in voodoo medical school to be called ‘Mister’, thank you very much!”

When you have Benedict Cumberbatch as your star, the rest of your cast better have some acting chops.  Hollywood Reporter believes Marvel is doing just that courting Chiwetel Ejoifor of 12 Years A Slave for a role in the upcoming Doctor Strange film.  What role is not yet know.  HR makes a view guesses about him portraying Strange’s servant Wong or Strange’s mentor the Ancient One.

While those could be viewed as potential headscratchers, one character that would make a lot of sense is Brother Doctor Voodoo.  (After being Brother Voodoo for 36 years, he upgraded to Doctor when he temporarily replaced Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme.  And then he died.  But now he’s back!  Because, comics.)   Marvel has never been against changing up ethnicity when translating their characters to the big screen (see Micheal Clarke Duncan as Kingpin in Daredevil for example), but the potentially larger role of Voodoo seems to be a better fit for Ejoifor than that of Wong or the Ancient One, who will likely have more minor appearances in the film.


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