“Battletoads” Battling Their Way Into The 21st Century!


Oh yes my friends, our favorite green frogs are back and ready for action. And by green frogs I don’t mean Kermit or his nephew Robin – we’re talking BATTLETOADS! Sweet arse kickin’ Battletoads! (Helps if you read that last bit with an Irish accent).

So of course this is just a rumor – but that’s what we do at Gabbing Geek, we help promote rumors so that we can get excited about the future! Or nothing. Depends on our sooth-saying abilities, and may I be so bold as to say that our abilities to predict the future are in the upper percentile of most sooth-sayers. 80% of the time we’re 60% on track to tell you 40% of the truth. So, you know, science! But if the 90’s taught us anything, is that a sequel to a sequel is just another sequel away.

Here’s the Gamma Squad scoop:

“…A large hint has been dropped that some more Battletoads is on the way.

Nothing is actually set in stone, mind you, but the hints are there. The most obvious is Phil Spencer at yesterday’s Windows 10 presentation, wearing a Battletoads T-shirt and telling Gamespot that he’s never “worn a t-shirt that’s been a complete head-fake.” Considering this is the same company that revived Killer Instincteven if it was poorly thought through, and Microsoft is more or less following the same path it did with Killer Instinct: Renewing the trademark, dropping the hint, and then revealing the game.

Hmmm – that’s good enough for me. My favorite aspect of this game was its wit and humor (unlike Watson, just kidding Watson, I’m checking to see if you’re reading this post). But like most of the Battletoads before, the game needs to continue with that same foundation. Wit and humor made it Battletoads, that and it’s ridiculously hard game play.

So to tide us over before the big announcement – hint, hint, we’re waiting – how about we enjoy some throwback Battletoads and remember the good ol’ days:

Wait a second… there was a TV show? Where the heck was I? HOW DID I MISS THIS AS A KID?


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