Gabbing Geek Box Office Report: Mortdecai Misses, Sniper Does NOT



After such big hit opening weekends with Taken and American Sniper, we finally get a reminder of what January box office reports are SUPPOSED to look like.  American Sniper continued to dominate the box office; pairing Oscar buzz and a weird Chik Fil A effect to stay at the top spot.  Most of the new releases that it faced off with were not as well-received.

Sniper held the #1 spot with a bullet.  The Eastwood helmed biopic only dropped ~28% from its record setting opener; netting $64M.


JLo opened with a decent $15M take relative to a $4M budget.  Apparently despite lack of talent or quality, Ms. Lopez still has a fan base.

I love my fans!
I love my fans!

Other sophomore entries Paddington and Wedding Ringer came in next, earning $12M and $11.6M respectively.

Stinking up the joint were two people generally landing at the TOP of the box office charts; Johnny Depp and George Lucas.

Lucas’s Strange Magic was all newt and cattails, earning only ~$5.5M against an undisclosed (but surely hefty) animation budget.  Apparently the strange magic didn’t have enough midichlorians!


Depp’s Mortdecai was equally weak with a little over $4M against a $60M budget.  No word on how much of the budget went to mustache cream.

Source:  Box Office Mojo

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