Mini Review: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (NO SPOILERS)



Sadly, I WILL have to come at you, bro.  Despite being the biggest Aquaman supporter around (there isn’t a ton of competition), I gotta pan this one.  It was a completely phoned in DC Universe Animated Original Movie; a franchise that has shown a tremendous decline in quality since the days of Under the Red Hood and Public Enemies.

Watson’s quick review:


  • It was Aquaman!
  • It wasn’t bad because it was Aquaman; it was bad because it was poorly made.
  • The Aquaman framework showed what COULD be good in a well made, live action feature.
  • It convinced me that Ocean Master and Black Manta could be great live action bad guys.
  • The voice work of fanboy favorites Sean Astin (Shazam) and Nathan Fillion (Green Lantern) was excellent.  They really created actual characters and had some memorable moments in an otherwise dull film.


  • A missed opportunity.  The overall story was good.  The execution was just bad.
  • The animation.  It looked like bad 80s Japanimation.  When Voltron is your animation peer, despite coming out 30 years before, you know somebody skimped on budget.
  • They couldn’t resist a fanboy wink; adding a “talks to fish”joke. No one will take this character seriously if the writers don’t.
  • The JLA.  They were tacked on so the film will sell.  It was apparent that the story was originally just an Aquaman origin and someone said “Yeah….we need Superman and Batman…”
  • The rest of the voice cast besides Astin and Fillion.  No one was compelling at all.  It’s like the producers saved money by just recording the first table read.

OVERALL:  I wanted to like this, but it just didn’t deliver.  There WAS enough here to give me hope that a live action, big budget standalone could be as good as I hoped.

GRADE:  Five Seahorses out of Ten.



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