Jane Don’t Stop This Crazy Thing…Called A Jetsons Movie


A movie about the future is headed to theaters, and we hope this one avoids the trend of dystopian wastelands.  Especially since it is a Jetsons feature film.

According to ComingSoon:

Although a live-action feature film has been toyed with over the years, Deadline is now reporting that Warner Bros. Pictures has plans to move forward with The Jetsons as a fully animated feature film. According to the outlet, Matt Lieberman has been hired to provide the screenplay.

Produced by Hanna-Barbera, the original incarnation of “The Jetsons” followed the success of the studio’s “The Flintstones,” following a nuclear family in a space age future. A primetime series, “The Jetsons” aired Sunday nights on ABC from September 23, 1962 to March 3, 1963.

I just hope it is CGI, like the Mr. Peabody and Sherman film….only not so crappy!




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