#WackyWednesday: Yankee Candle Makes Girl Scout Cookie Scented Candles. (Like We Needed Another Reason To Eat Wax)


Can you believe the nerve of Yankee Candle? How could they do this to us? I mean, these demon cookies are already like crack, but let’s light a candle in our homes so that the smell of cookies is always present. I might as well screw this diet I pretend I’m on, because the smell of cookies 24/7 in my house is a diet death wish. Damn you demon cookies! Damn you! 

According to Food and Wine (because, why not?):

“You can now head over to Yankee Candle’s website and pick up the burning scents of Girl Scout Cookies Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coconut Caramel Stripes, Thin Mints or Trefoils. The limited-edition run of candles was released to coincide with cookie-selling season.

“We are bringing together two iconic American brands to create a consumer experience that engages the senses and helps tell the story of the Girl Scout Cookie Program,” said Barry Horowitz, chief merchandise officer at Girl Scouts of the USA, in a press release.

This is just the latest way the Girl Scouts are expanding the reach of their cookies. Back in September, they teamed up with Nesquik to release Girl Scout Cookie-flavored chocolate milk.  In December, they announced they’d be going digital, allowing scouts to sell cookies online or through an app. Then they decided to corner the gluten-free market, adding two wheatless items to their cookie lineup.”

God help the poor Boy Scouts of America – because, who can compete with this? No one. Sorry Boy Scouts, game over.

I’m sure we’re all delighted to hear that these Yankee Candles are 100% calorie free – thus you can overindulge in all the smelling you want. That’s right, take a big whiff, because you won’t gain a pound by buying these beauties. Actually, I may argue that you will burn calories by going to store, picking up the HUGE canister, moving the candle all over your house, etc. Those are calories burned! Take that Girl Scouts, see if you can add to my waistline now!

Side note – anyone know where I can get some Girl Scout cookies? My local CVS corner seems to be out.

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