Dumb Fun Waiting to Happen: John Wick Directors to Helm Pratt’s Cowboy Ninja Viking???


It already had Chris Pratt.  Cowboys.  Ninjas.  Vikings!  (All three of them are ONE guy!- Ryan the Dick).  If this movie wasn’t shaping up to be Harrison Ford-Chili Dog-Ice Cream level awesome, now comes news that makes me even more excited!

Now it looks like the pair who helmed the VASTLY underrated 2014 Keanu action flick JOHN WINK might be directing!

Universal Pictures is in early talks with David Leitch and Chad Stahelski to co-direct its action pic ā€œCowboy Ninja Viking,ā€ starring Chris Pratt.

Sources tell Variety that Pratt has met with Leitch and Stahelski and has given his stamp of approval. Insiders now say an offer has gone out.

Wick was the biggest surprise of the year NOT starring Chris Pratt.  Put the two together?  Win!

Source:  Variety

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