Geek Movie Trailers at the SuperBowl

The NFL is quite litigious, so we aren’t putting their logo here…

Gearing up for Sunday?  Want to know what studios will spend a QUADRILLION dollars to put their films in front of the largest American TV audience of the year?  Look no further!

These movies will likely get SUPER DUPER PRIME TIME exposure Sunday (either during the pre-game or the big event itself).

Jurassic World


Worth the $$$?:  Absolutely.  This movie needs to open big.  Not just to continue Chris Pratt’s rise.  Not just to relaunch the franchise.  More so to destroy Ryan’s prediction that Jurrasic Park isn’t a top 10 grossing film in 2015.

Ted 2

Bring it on, Ted!
Bring it on, Ted!

Worth the $$$?: Probably not.  This movie is gonna do ok, but I don’t think it will capture the audience of the first one.  A seven figure ad spot is a huge hit to the marketing budget.

Furious 7


Worth the $$$?:  Yes!  This is a franchise in its SEVENTH installment and it is as relevant as ever.  Between the success of the sixth (critically and commercially) and the death of Paul Walker, Part 7 could be the furiousest ever!



Worth the $$$?:  Better believe it is.  Ryan predicted this movie to gross $400M.  While he is clearly a LITTLE high, this could be a smash hit.  The Superbowl attracts the full spectrum of audiences.  All of them like bananas!

  Terminator Genisys

I’ll be back….from my third trip through the buffet line!

Worth the $$$?:  It’s a hail mary. This movie is gonna put a death nail in Arnold’s career or be a nice hit.  Million dollar gamble time!



Worth the $$$?:  The world needs to see this trailer.  It looks so amazing.  So glad to see Disney pony up the dough.


Pictured: A bigger star than Emma Stone

Worth the $$$?:  Even taking a cheaper spot in the pregame, I think this is money poorly spent.  I would think this film’s target audience and the target audience of football (especially a PRE-game show) doesn’t overlap.

 Fantastic Four

Only of of these four’s career WASN’T destroyed by this franchise.

Worth the $$$?: Eh….if you’re gonna have a terrible trailer, might as well let everyone in America know you made a terrible trailer.


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5 thoughts on “Geek Movie Trailers at the SuperBowl”

  1. Here now. That FF movie did not run three acting careers. Michael Chiklis gets a lot of steady work on TV, and neither he nor Chris Evans were anything of a problem with those films (script, direction, other things, but those two were fine). Mr. Fantastic has a series lead these days last I checked. Something on ABC after “Agents of SHIELD”. And it looks like Jessica Alba will continue to find acting work as long as Robert Rodriguez continues to direct movies.


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