Gabbing Geek Box Office Report

Super Bowl weekend is a wasteland at the North American box office. ‘Murica’s attention turns to ONLY pigskin. Umm. Wait.  Someone forgot to tell Eastwood and Cooper…

  • American Sniper continues to blow away the competition, holding on to the #1 spot with $32M. That total passes Hanna Montana for the best Super Bowl weekend in Box Office history.  And that was in her opening weekend!  Twerk on THAT, Miley!
Featured: No Sex Appeal Whatsoever
  •  Debuting with $8M is the found footage time travel flick, Project Almanac. Obviously this is no Chronicle. More like an Apollo 18. It DOES look like a movie I’ll see at the Discount Cinema after pounding a couple of miniatures of Crown Royal I snuck in with me.
I pray for the day someone asks me “What that cylindrical thing in your pocket?


  • Kevin Costner didn’t impress anyone with his racial drama, Black and White. The film limped in with only $6M.   Given these numbers I might be seeing this one in the Discount next weekend.  This stinker might need a third miniature to get  me through, though.
Or more…


  • Paddington continues to hold up, finishing second overall with $8M of his own. This is a great hold for a film that had low expectations for US audiences.
From the nation that brought you mad cow disease…


  • Interestingly, the Game Of Thrones IMAX event, playing on 205 screens, pulled in $1.5M. For those keeping score, reruns of a TV series people can watch on HBO Go did better than Depp’s Mordecai in only its second weekend.  I’m a fan of GoT, but the decent haul of this IMAX event caught me off guard.


Source: Box Office Mojo


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