Breaking: First Look at the Atom’s Costume from Arrow


It’s a long way from playing the Man of Steel, but after Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, work is work!  Brandon Routh finally goes from Ray Palmer to Atom.  I’m sure there will be another spinoff that creates ANOTHER spinoff in the new shared universe.  Soon every episode will just be a team up special.

Source:  The WB

2 thoughts on “Breaking: First Look at the Atom’s Costume from Arrow”

  1. I don’t really understand the visor/face shield. It makes me think of hockey players.

    *shrug* It’s hard to judge something by a photo alone. Guess we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before we get to see it on the screen.


    1. It does kind of look like a hockey shield but I would so rock that! Have to give it my own twist and all (probably change that helmet because the more I look at it, the more I know you’re right) but other than that, I think it’s sick. Looking forward to seeing more.


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