The Daredevil Teaser Trailer Is Here!


I’m here reporting live from Netflix headquarters where we’ve just finished our mimosas and eggs benedict.  On a 200 foot screen they showed us the teaser trailer for the upcoming Daredevil TV series.  There was stunned silence.  It is so dark and moody and awesome.  And while there’s no real old school red suited DD, you certainly want to see more of the Man Without Fear.

At long last, and prior to the resounding applause, there is a single voice that cries out from two tables over.  “Damn!  Is that what it was supposed to be like?  Well, I really screwed the pouch on that one.  I still blame Colin Ferrell.”  Sit down Mr. Affleck.  Sit down.

Forgiveness please!
Forgiveness please!

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