DC’s GotG….err….LSH to Get a Movie?


I was stunned when the Legion of Superheroes was not part of the DCU slate. I actually thought it was more DC’s X-Men than their Guardians of the Galaxy, but with the MCU exploring space faring adventures, it is only time before DC copies Marvel blatantly gives the audiences what they love.  Is a LSH feature film on the horizon?

According to comic prognosticator Rich Johnston:

Based on the long running DC Comics book of the same name, the Legion Of Superheroes film will be set in the far future, with a massive cast of superheroic characters spread out across a galaxy. And the tone is intended to be lighter than other DC superhero movies.

It hasn’t been greenlit yet. But it is in serious development….

This is a VERY rich universe.  The Legion is huge and has tons of amazing and diverse characters.

Seriously. You thought there were a lot in the first picture didn’t you!?!

If successful, DC’s 31st Century could act as a springboard for tons of spinoff films that would ACTUALLY make sense.

We are looking at you Sony…

For the debut film, I’d start with an already formed team (ala the X-Men)  of Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy, Shrinking Violet, Brainiac Five, and Shadow Lass.  Of course, the names have to go.  They were even hokey when Ryan was a kid.

This could be epic!  Thanks again MCU!!!

Do I get a percentage of this too?


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