Sir Ian McKellen is Mr. Holmes

"Oh, and now I'm Sherlock too."  *DROPS ALL THE MICS EVER*
“Oh, and now I’m Sherlock too.” *DROPS ALL THE MICS EVER*

Every so often the geek universe fails me.  For example, how am I only finding out TODAY that there’s a movie called Mr. Holmes coming out THIS SUMMER which has Sir Ian McKellen playing an elderly Sherlock Holmes?  WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS FOREVER AGO?!?  If this is now a must-see movie for you like it is for me, jump after the break to see the first clip from the film


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2 thoughts on “Sir Ian McKellen is Mr. Holmes”

  1. Despite the talent and experience of McKellen and Linney, young actor Milo Parker steals the show. He and McKellen are both great in their scenes together. The friendship between these two characters makes this movie work.


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