Mystery Geek of the Week- Making Geek Movies Is a Tull Order


Ok.  So I did pick the one picture On the web that makes the guy look like a douchebag. Sorry!  He is the guy NOT named Kevin Feige to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude for geek movies. Definitely not dbag material.  This man is Thomas Tull. 

Who, you say? Thomas Tull. Founder and Chairman of Legendary Pictures. Ever seen THIS logo in front of a movie you like?


Yeah. You have.  That’s the company that did the Dark Knight trilogy, Watchmen, and a ton of other geektastic flicks. Tull is the driving force behind it. 

Tull describes himself as a “fanboy” of comics and several of the films produced by Legendary were personal favorites of Tull. Watchmen had been in “development hell” for years when Tull arranged to pick up the rights. 300 had been turned down by other studios. Tull also describes himself as a “gamer”, and founded the short-lived Brash Entertainment to work on film-to-video game conversions.

The man pulled Watchmen across the finish line. They said it would never be made. He said “Oh yeah? Well not only is it made, here’s a nude scene set to the music of Leonard Cohen, mutha F-er!”

Learn more about Thomas Tull here.

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