A New Franchise Un-M.A.S.K.ed in GI Joe 3?



Rumors of the third GI Joe movie having the Crimson Twins Tomax and Xamot was exciting.  I liked those guys.  But the twins can eat a bag of d!@&s because the real story is further down the article by Film Divider!  That being that Matt Trakker may be in it as well!!!

When toy giant Hasbro bought lowly Kenner, who kinda licked the cat’s butt after Star Wars ended, GI Joe began to merge Mr. Trakker into a shared universe (even making a Matt Trakker GI Joe figure!)



Where Matt Trakker goes, MASK can’t be far behind!

According to the studio’s current plans, Matt Trakker will be stepping up onto the big screen. he was the lead character of MASK, or Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand, a Kenner toy line and cartoon from the ‘80s.

MASK earned its title with a couple of gimmicks. There were vehicles that either contained or transformed into other vehicles, and the characters wore cybernetic masks that gave them various new abilities. It was basically a science fiction version of Mission:Impossible, often injected with the kind of tricked-up muscle car stunts we’re looking forward to from Fast and Furious 7.

While I’d prefer a completely separate universe, and worry the third film in a mediocre franchise is not a strong launch, even the mere chance of a MASK standalone movie excites me!

3 thoughts on “A New Franchise Un-M.A.S.K.ed in GI Joe 3?”

  1. I have not watched a minute of this M.A.S.K. show so I have no real interest in this.

    Is it, really, good enough for a movie?


    1. As someone who did back in the day, I can assure you that they’ll need to bulk up T-Bob a little bit to make him fit into the sort of storyline they’re probably going to end up doing.


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