MCU/Sony Spiderman Back To Being Younger…AGAIN!

It's a tough business, kid!
It’s a tough business, kid!

Ever have one of those stress dreams where you have to go back to college because you didn’t finish one term paper… despite the fact that you’ve actually received two post-graduate degrees since?  No? Just me?  Well Spider-Man might be feeling that pain and more since the poor movie character keeps having to go back to high school again and again!

According to reports, Empire State University will have to wait a while.

Sony is going younger with its next Spider-Man.

Now that Andrew Garfield is hanging up the red and blue spandex, Sony Pictures is getting ready to put out a casting call to find its next web slinger. The plan is for the character to go back to high school in the next films, Variety has learned from sources with knowledge of the studio’s plans.

A number of actors already have been mentioned as being considered for the role, including “The Maze Runner” and “Teen Wolf’s” Dylan O’Brien and the “Percy Jackson” franchise’s Logan Lerman. Lerman most recently co-starred in Sony’s “Fury.”

I like the casting of Dylan O’Brien. Lerman is a little too smug.

I’ll bet this picture was taken by his agent…


What I hate is another reboot. Does this mean we get yet ANOTHER origin story? A third iteration of the Green Goblin? A different cast member of That 70’s Show playing a villian?

I could use this work…


I’m honestly not that interested in the solo movies because it can only be a fancy version of what has come before. Excited to see Spidey in Marvel, but kinda burned out on the solo franchise.

This wasn’t a game. It was premature marketing….


Source: Variety

3 thoughts on “MCU/Sony Spiderman Back To Being Younger…AGAIN!”

  1. Haha! So rightly told. Poor Spidey has been told and retold and made and remade and then remade again. The story changes a little with each telling, the characters lose a little with each version, and CG has a way of taking over.

    Despite all this, I know I’ll still watch it. Sometimes it’s hard being a geek.


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