Gabbing Geek 25: Old Enough To Rent A Car

Episode 25!!  If you had a penny for every episode of the Gabbing Geek podcast you'd have five nickels!
Episode 25!! If you had a penny for every episode of the Gabbing Geek podcast you’d have five nickels!

Holy smokes it’s the 25th episode of Gabbing Geek’s awesome podcast!  You should listen to it right now!

Gabbing Geek hits the quarter century mark with Episode 25: Old Enough To Rent A Car.  In our Geekiest News of the Week (GNOW) we cover the new Marvel A-Force and Better Call Saul.  A new GeekMail has us talking Gotham before we break out our latest List of Truth.  This week we rank the seven Steven Spielberg sci-fi/fantasy classics (not including Indiana Jones because we covered those under Lucas).

Because we love Guardians of the Galaxy not only for the movie but also for the soundtrack we all decided to try and predict two songs that will appear on the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  We even describe the context of the songs and have a lot of fun listening to some awesome tunes of the 70s and early 80s.

The last part of the podcast is a fun new game where Watson pretends to be a douchebag hipster poet creating wicked rhymes to describe superheroes.  Jenny and Ryan have to decipher the sick lines to figure out what hero is the subject.  It’s highly snap worthy.

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