ICYMI: The Geek’s Guide To Valentine’s Day


In case you missed it, Ethan Gilsdorf  (the author of “Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks”), posted a fantastic guide last year to help us geeks through Valentine’s day. Let’s face it, geeks no matter the stripe — Tolkienite, Larper, Browncoat, techie, Trekker, hacker, gamer, Whovian — can be acutely passionate, obsessive even, when it comes to love.

But if you haven’t yet hatched a scheme full of Easter eggs for your beloved, don’t panic. This great guide will help you answer the dungeon master’s questions of “What, is your quest . . . for romance?” “Are you going out, or staying in?” “Do you desire to give a DIY gift, or a box of nerdery delivered by UPS?” Ultimately, by the end of this you can say to your treasure…”As you wish.”


Check out A Geek’s Guide To Valentine’s Day in all it’s glory (please note that most of these ideas are Boston central due to the author’s location. But we think any city can benefit from these awesome ideas, come on guys – use your imaginations):

Date in/Date out (going out)

In-Flight Refueling

Staying In, DIY (all of these are self-explanitory….which means, we don’t need to provide links. Really)

  • Pillow Fight Club
  • Making Wookie
  • Endless Love
  • Larp It Up
  • Riddle Me This
  • Virtually Yours

Can Buy Me Love (Gifts)

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