Gabbing Geek Box Office Report


Horny suburban moms. That describes both my dating sweetspot AND the target audience of a Fifty Shades of Grey film.  They did better this weekend than I did…

2015 movies continue to shatter records and we aren’t even to Age of Ultron. 

  • The best-selling housewife porn adaptation broke Presidents Day records, grossing $82M! The flick did an additional $150M+ globally.  Obviously the audiences were overwhelmingly female, but a few husbands were dragged along, bound and gagged.

  • 50 Shades was not the only success story. Unlike the other delayed Geek actioner, Jupiter Ascending, Kingsman: The Secret Service did pretty well, grossing $36M. With an ugly 4 month delay, studios have to be happy with the number, but costing $81M, I don’t see this as a franchise launching opening weekend.
  • Spongebob had a moderate drop, absorbing (see what I did there?) $31M for third place. That is a big week two number made possible by only dropping 44%.  It has already surpassed the gross of the first Spongebob film; making the chance of this becoming an epic trilogy all the more likely.


  • Sniper continues to add to confirmed box office dollars, adding $16.4M. This weekend it passed the magic $300M mark domestically. While WB obviously can’t make a sequel, expect more red state movies to come in its wake.


  • Coming in at #5, Jupiter DESCENDED 48% week over week (which isn’t that bad, but I had no other joke to make) and pulled in $9.4M.  Not enough to spare the layoffs that will occur as a result of the $175M budget.
  • jupiterStill Alice expanded to 500 screens and earned $1.7M in advance of the Oscar Telecast.  Look for that number to rise when Julianne Moore wins Sunday.
  • Globally, Big Hero Six crossed the $500M mark to make it a serious franchise contender.

Source: Box Office Mojo

5 thoughts on “Gabbing Geek Box Office Report”

  1. My sister and I saw Kingsman: The Secret Service yesterday afternoon. We both loved it.

    Yes, there are a few silly things (exploding heads were awesome) and it gives a nice nod to the Sir Roger Moore era of Bond films.

    The moment I saw Colin Firth in that suit and kicking ass, I KNEW I had to see this movie. It was simply superb. The Church fight scene was grandiose and over the top, but it was fantastic! Casting Colin Firth in this movie was utterly inspired. Who else but Mr. Darcy could play this gentleman spy? It was great.

    Mark Strong as “Merlin” was amazing — I’ve pretty much loved him in everything he’s been in. I won’t lie – his voice is amazing.

    I did witness some ladies who had clearly seen 50 Shades of Grey recently when I visited the ladies room upon exiting Kingsman. Their animated faces (and “Did you like it?” and “I liked it!”) were a dead giveaway. *smh*

    Completely glad we saw Kingsman: The Secret Service — it was the better movie in my book.


    1. Oh come now. You shouldn’t stereotype some flushed women liking some movie to construe them as obviously having come out of Fifty Shades. They might have come out of Mortdecai and been too embarrassed to say anything outside the bathroom.

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