Assassin’s Creed: The First Arthouse Video Game Movie?

An Oscar winner joins Michael Fassbender’s film adaptation of the best-selling video game which is now expected to premiere December 21, 2016.

Per Forbes:

The cast has expanded to include Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard in an unspecified role, lending further credence to the film’s potential quality. Now with production moving forward, a release date, and a full cast and crew, Assassin’s Creed seems like it could be out of the woods, moving into the “it’s actually happening” category. 

Cotillard is a great get. This might be the most acclaimed casting in a video game movie. Of course, Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo from Super Mario Brothers might be in the top five, so it wasn’t a high bar to clear.

Also, not sure about that date. That is supposed to be right around the time of the first non-New Hope Star Wars feature. Tough competition!

Does this interest you?

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