George R R Martin Hates You

Look upon the face of evil.  Round, cuddly evil.
Look upon the face of evil. Round, cuddly evil.

There’s really no other explanation other than George R R Martin hates his readers.  Sure, nobody wants to read a book where the hero just skips his way to the bad guy and kills him with one slash of his sword.  You have to overcome obstacles, face difficulties, maybe even some mortal peril to make the adventure seem worthwhile.  But George R R Martin took it to a whole new level by killing so many people anytime you read a chapter with your favorite character you may be afraid to turn the page.

Every flag is a kill.  Every page is a risk.
Every flag is a kill. Every page is a risk.

Maybe Mr Martin thought people who read the books were feeling too safe in the knowledge of what is still to come in the TV show.  Because he recently told that “People are going to die [in the TV show] who don’t die in the books, so even the book readers will be unhappy.”

First, you don’t need to do anything more to make the book readers unhappy.  This is the same guy who wrote such a long draft of Book 4 in the series that he told us all he was splitting it into two books but don’t worry because book 5 would be out next year.  And by next year he meant five and a half years later.  Four years later we still don’t have the next book and it’s now a foregone conclusion that the TV show will finish before the final book in the series is ever released.  If it’s ever released.

So telling us more people will die in the TV show that didn’t already get killed in the books–well, that’s just great, Mr Martin.  I hope you’re happy with your evil, evil ways.

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12 thoughts on “George R R Martin Hates You”

  1. George R. R. Martin is not your bitch, Ryan! 🙂

    I’m glad the TV show is going its own direction. It reduces the chances I’ll be spoiled on the forthcoming books.

    I expect we will get the next volume next year and the 7th volume in 2018. The big issue, he’s said previously, is just getting all the pieces into the right places. They’re almost there.

    Plus, I’m thrilled that he has been able to enjoy the success that the books and TV show have brought him.

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    1. Oh, I don’t expect him to be my personal writing slave (well, not that I would ever admit to in any recorded media). Mostly because I don’t want Kathy Bates suing me for harshing her vibe (it’s a cause of action in New Hampshire).

      But given that he wrote books 4 and 5 altogether but and then in refining the second half he took, you know, an extra four and a half years beyond his projected writing time—there is NO WAY IN ANY OF THE EIGHT KINGDOMS (yeah, I’m including The North) that he finishes the last book by 2018. Not gonna happen. Name your stakes and I’ll make that bet and give you odds.


  2. People have been dying in the show who had not died in the books from the second season onward. It’s not a big deal.

    It’s weirder for me that at least one character who should have been long dead is still alive and kicking.


    1. It’s a fair point, but mostly I’m ticked because those of us that read the books have already sunk a lot of time into this adventure. And I expect the TV show to have some differences because it’s TV (even if it’s not TV and it’s HBO instead). But telling us a lot of changes will take place essentially says it’s a different versions and now completionists like me will have to watch it. 🙂

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      1. Yeah, but a lot of changes doesn’t mean a lot of important changes. We know there’s going to be deviations this season in Jaime’s story, but if he ends up where he is in the books in another season, it’s not all that big a deal. I mean, I’ll be reading the books and watching the show regardless.


      2. Interesting. Although it’s tricky to say that, you know, DYING isn’t an important change. 🙂

        I guess I’m just bummed I have to watch the show now. Next thing you know people will tell me I have to watch Walking Dead even though I’ve read every issue.


  3. I don’t mind the dying. What I do mind, though, is that the storylines which are interesting and should go forward are constantly delayed, while other take up a lot of room just to end nowhere when yet another character is killed. If you add to this that I am not even sure if there will ever a conclusion to the story…well, then I am not ready to invest my time into reading the books or watching the show. I might give it another shot if there is a proper conclusion for either. Perhaps.

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      1. I never watched the show, save for a few episodes in order to get an idea how they adapted it…I read the damned books. I had already decided that I couldn’t stand the meandering story telling any longer by the time the TV show started.

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