We Read The Entire Robert Downey Jr Empire Interview So You Don’t Have To

Not explained: when Tony installed the mood lighting mod on his personal arc reactor.
Not explained: when Tony installed the mood lighting mod on his personal arc reactor.

You’re a busy person.  We get that.  So when the news came out that Robert Downey Jr gave a comprehensive interview to Empire magazine with tons of Marvel and other news in it, you wanted to read it.  Really wanted to read it.  But life, you know?

Gabbing Geek’s got your back.  We read the whole interview so you don’t have to.  And all the best parts are summarized after the break.

Here’s what we learned:

  • James Spader’s role as Ultron is described by RDJ as “this jazzy Shakespearean thing.”  This is quite possible the greatest James Spader description ever.
  • Spader came on set and performed in a motion capture suit rather than phoning in his performance.
  • When Spader performed as Ultron the crew suspended a giant Ultron face three feet above Spader’s actual face.
  • Tony’s journey in Avengers 2 is an “ironic flip side” to his earlier hubris.  Before he created things that caused problems and this time he tried to create something to solve problems.  It doesn’t work.
  • He says his decision to extend his participation in the MCU was based on the stories they wanted to tell.  Marvel came to him and told him their pitch for Captain America 3 and wanted him in–they said if he didn’t come in they had to go a different direction.  He wanted in for the story of it all.
  • Some other event takes place that changes Tony’s mind for Civil War.  In the comic that was a mutant who destroyed a school full of kids while battling the good guys–the rumor had been that Ultron itself was enough to sway Tony.  Looks like it’s something in between.
  • Captain America 3 is more Steve Rogers’ story even with Tony in it.  “It doesn’t say ‘Iron Man 4: Civil War.'”
  • The first time Paul Bettany was filmed as The Vision involved Bettany standing in an uncomfortable (and possibly unwieldy) Vision suit on the edge of a ledge with wind machines and a lot of things going on.  Which sounds awesome.

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