Wolverine, Superman And Spawn Laugh At Your Million Issues Sold Star Wars #1


If you’re like me you hate those internet lists where you have to click through a page at a time to get to the end. I understand why sites do this, but from a reader standpoint it drives me crazy. Especially on my phone.

That said, here is an interesting list of the top 10 best selling comics of the 21st century. Keep in mind the following caveats:

  • This list is for the 21st century, so 90’s juggernauts like Spawn #1 (1.7 million), Spider-Man #1 (2.5 million), Superman #75 (Death of Superman, 3 million) and X-Men #1 (7.1(!) million) are not represented.
  • The list is condensed so that only the best selling issue of a title is included, so that the list is not dominated by Amazing Spider-Man, Civil War and Walking Dead.

Read the entire article for more thorough analysis and commentary, but if you are just interested in numbers, I’ve summed it up here to save you some clicks.

10. Death of Wolverine #1 – 274,000
9. All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder #1 – 278,000
8. Uncanny Avengers #1 – 305,900
7. Rocket Racoon #1 – 311,000
6. Captain America #25 – 317,700
5. Justice League of America #1 – 326,000
4. Civil War #2 – 341,856
3. The Walking Dead #100 – 384,800
2. Amazing Spider-Man #1 – 559,200
1. Star Wars #1 – 985,976…and counting…

And this is no knock against our friends at Newsarama. I read their site a lot. I just prefer a more straightforward, user-friendly presentation.

7.1 million copies sold…that’s a lot of funny books.


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