Boardwalk Is Coming

In the Game of Thrones edition of Monopoly you either win...or you don't.
In the Game of Thrones edition of Monopoly you either win…or you don’t.

Like most American households, Monopoly has been banned from our game table.  The constant backstabbing, the cutthroat lies, the constant nudity, and the banishment of losers to desolate northern locales was simply too much for our five-year-old to handle.  (Sorry, Isaac, you should have built a hotel, kid.  Gotta pay your debts.)

But now the inherent nastiness of Monopoly has met its natural partner with the new Game of Thrones Edition.  Including customized locations, cards, and even playing pieces.  Beware the new rules such as the player using the Iron Throne dies every third turn.  It isn’t available for purchase yet but you can sign up to find out more info over at the HBO Store.  I personally look forward to playing this so that halfway through the game I can put on my dragon costume and stomp the table to splinters while screaming “Fire and blood, bitches!”

h/t to Greg of House Friedman for this tale

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