Aquaman:King of the Seven KEYS?

Indiana Jones. Darth Vader. Chris Reeve Superman. James Bond. All these iconic characters have one thing in common: a legendary musical score that you can’t hear without picturing them. Move over, bitches. It’s Aquaman time!

Hans Zimmer, a conductor familiar with superhero music having scored the Dark a Knight franchise, has announced that the King of the seven seas WILL appear in Batsoup, WITH his own music!
Per Screenrant:

Following the recent rumors that Aquaman would first appear in Dawn of Justice (in a small role), Zimmer was asked if his scoring duties now included introducing both Wonder Woman and Aquaman with their accompanying themes:
“I’m trying… I’ll put it that way. We are in early days, but yes. You know, of course, ideally that’s what you want to do.”

Ok. Wonder Woman has her own music too, but since this article is by Watson and not Jenny, we only care about Curry related news.

Not THAT Curry. Arthur Curry! Damn, now I’m craving Tikka Misala. Here’s a picture of Jason Mamoa as Aquaman to distract while I head to lunch…


One thought on “Aquaman:King of the Seven KEYS?”

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