Google’s 3D View-Master Makes Me Think of Spandex and Dr. Shrinker

If you haven’t heard about this yet (translated for WittyWatts: “if you haven’t seen a Facebook post about this yet”), Google and Mattel have teamed up to make a 3D, virtual reality version of the classic View-Master toy.  Why does this make me think of Spandex? Apart from the cheap yet accurate response that all things make me think of Spandex to some degree?  Find out after the break …


Remember the View-Master?  I’m talking about the 70s and 80’s version here:  the cheap, red plastic box and cardboard inserts with images of cartoons, movie stars, and even tourist pamphlets?  If you don’t remember, jog your memory here.  Try not to get lost in Angie’s nostalgia blog while you’re there (I recommend the post “When I saw Poltergeist”).  If you don’t remember the View-Master, then I can’t relate to you and you should probably just quit life.  Well Google is turning it into a virtual reality experience, and even though I’m a reboot-hater in general, I think this particular reboot is genius.  It’s the perfect marriage of (currently) useless technology and silly nostalgia.  And it’s only $24.99!

Wait! Spandex? Right!  I’m getting to that. Reading about the View-Master conjured up images of Spider Man, Mickey Mouse, the Lone Ranger, and even the Smurfs and their hilarious hijinks.  Can you imagine walking around a virtual reality Smurf Village and telling Smurfette you’re not into blue chicks?  Well, I can!  Thank you, Google!

So anyway, all this nostalgia reminded me of the weirdest View-Master slides I had: Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.  And you thought Adam West had bad costume designers!  Truthfully, though, these outfits are much more tasteful than the most recent Wonder Woman images I’ve seen.  Judge for yourself …  Doesn’t she get cold?
This leads me to ask … why is it that we can use our technology superpowers to make 3D View-Masters, but we can’t make people look better in spandex? Of course, all this nostalgia set me off on a Krofft Superstars memory trip, including HR Pufnstuf, Wonderbug, and Dr. Shrinker. “He’s a madman with an evil miiiiiind!!!”  What was I talking about?

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