Go Go Gadget Reboot

"This is the third time I've been wrapped up by my own arms in this episode alone!"
“This is the third time I’ve been wrapped up by my own arms in this episode alone!”

Inspector Gadget is go go going to Netflix in a brand new series!  That brings to two the total of beloved old cartoons coming back to TV today alone! The series already aired in Europe, who has a much more refined sense of humor for stumbling cyborg private detectives with super intelligent nieces and their dogs.  Netflix acquired the US rights and adds it to their already impressive (and highly distracting) body of work to occupy children’s attention for hours at a time.  Did I mention I love you, Netflix?  Except for Veggie Tales.  I prefer my talking vegetables to be less Jesusy.


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Ryan Garcia

Father of two boys, husband, attorney for Dell (Social Media, Retail, Gaming), Broadway geek, comic book geek, science fiction geek, gadget geek.

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