Viola! Davis is Confirmed As Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad!

Suicide Squad has their fiery leader in the form of a talented Oscar nominee!

Great choice! Much happier than the rumored casting of Oprah!

Per CBR:

After months of speculation and reports, Viola Davis has confirmed that she will play Amanda Waller in next year’s film adaptation of “Suicide Squad.”

Davis is an amazing actress, with the steely presence to boss around an all star cast.

3 thoughts on “Viola! Davis is Confirmed As Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad!”

  1. Nicely done.

    She’s not my first choice, but considering she was very closely tied (in my book) with CCH Pounder for being a “perfect fit” for the role…I’m quite happy that she’s agreed.

    From the little bit I’ve seen on “How To Get Away With Murder” I have no doubt she can play Amanda “The Wall” Waller.


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